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Ohio Spirit Hunters

Concentrating on the Cauyahoga Valley, we have a few personal favorite spots. I'm not sure if these places stand out to us due to their beauty, or mystery. In any case, these spots have a lot of activity, and thats what we like!


Everett Bridge has been a favorite spot for a long time. So it's not a surprise that I have gotten a lot of activity there. The story behind it says that a horse drawn carrige can be heard crossing the bridge at night. Although I have never personally heard it, I know someone who has gotten an EVP there. I'll try to get it from him to post for you guys. Over all I would say that 8 times out of 10 something noteable happens at Everett. So it may be worth it to visit for yourself! Just remember to be respectful to the nature and spirits you encounter on this and any trip you take.


This is one of those places where you say to yourself "why am I doing this?", but when you see your photos and hear your EVPs you know the answer to your own question. I don't know the whole story behind the marsh, but I do know there is to much activity for there not to be a story. The overall feeling there is a mixture of serene and creepy, almost as if its too serene! Mostly the activity here is limited to Orbs, but 100yds or so away you can find much more!!! What's 100yds away? "The Lock" !


This is the place to go if you need proof that spirits are out there! Our first trip was so exciting! Tons of Orbs, and we even got an EVP. You can listen to it in the EVP section of the site. Allow me to set it up for you: Jenny and I are walking around "The Lock", she has a video camera and polaroid, I have a digital camera. Jenny is filming the water in the lock and says "Is anybody out there?", in reference to the spirits. You can then hear a voice, much lower than either of ours and sounds male, say "Hello." It sounds a bit like he is trying to get our attention, too bad we didn't hear him 'till we got home and looked at the tape! We have also gotten a lot of great pictures there. One picture shows an orb like anomalie. It is very bright white, and has a bit of trail behind it. This is one of the best pics we have to date. Check it out in the PICTURES section.


This place has given me a bad feeling from day one, and apearently for good reason! The first time we visited the falls we were all overwhelmed with a feeling of actual fear. Both Jenny and my other friend CC experienced problems breathing, and I too admit it was hard to breathe. The air had a "thick" feel to it. I recall Jenny saying "I wan't to go to the car!" 5 minutes into the visit. I couldn't agree with her more at that point, but felt like I needed to get pictures of the actual falls and surrounding rock beds. There was a very sinister feeling there and we all agreed to get the hell back to the car. We were practically running back to the car. Later we were talking and found that all of us felt as though we for some reason just had to run out of there as though we were being chased out. Overcomming fears is an important step we all have to make, and we did! We decided to visit the falls once more. Although the air wasnt as thick, and we didnt feel as scared, we still didn't feel like staying too long. We took our pictures and left. I noticed in 3 of my pictures a thick fog like form on the rock bed. I later found out through a friend and fellow ghost hunter that a little girl was brutally beaten and killed on the rocks there. We are planning on going back and trying to talk with her, but we aren't sure if she's there...or her killer!