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Ohio Spirit Hunters


Cemeteries have always spawned images of ghosts and ghouls, but actuallythis isn't to far from the truth. It may not be like the ghosts from your favorite horror movie, but I am sure that there is at least one lonesome spirit in every one!
Just like haunted places, we have favorite cemeteries too.  Here are a few of our favorite cemeteries. Most pictures are in the day time. Jenny still has to scan her polaroids from our night adventures.

     Ira Cemetery has always facinated us. One of our first EVP's was captured here. About 100 yards from hale farm, and a mile from Everett, its in the center of activity. Orbs are usually the most common, but mist has been seen here too.
     This is another cemetery that deffinetly gets our attention. A lot of paranormal activity here. Jenny and I captured an EVP that would make anyone's hair stand on end...We were walking west towards the tree lined edge of the cemetery. In the video you hear a very shrill, and very scary screaming. It sounds as though the spirit in question was no more than 2 inches from the microphone. I can not stress enough that the scream was not heard untill the tape was reviewed hours later. Unfortunetly the EVP was not saved. This was captured over a year ago and we have since missplaced it. We apologize.
     This cemetery and I have a lot of history. One night about 4 years ago a few friends and I decided that it would be fun to go to Keiser. We all took our cameras, and of course our flashlights. When we got there it was a very clear night, the moon was almost full, and it was nice and warm. We all took silly pictures of us on and around many of the tombstones. When we got them developed we saw something very different! On all of our cameras, two particular "plots" had a very strange mist around them. This was before I got interested in ghost hunting...this was the first time I got excited from seeing a "ghost"! I still go back to Keiser, and I still get mist around those two "plots".