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Ohio Spirit Hunters
EVPs are the most exciting pieces of evidence! EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are simply put... Spirits talking! Generally we can not hear spirits, they transmit sound at a different frequency. Audio recordings pick this up even when we may not hear it ourselves. The following EVPs have not been altered in anyway. The clips have been downsized to leave room for others.
This EVP is very clear. We were walking through Ira cemetery filming the grounds. Jenny gets to the Hale family plot and as she turns towards it the female voice sighs and says "watch". I can assure you that neither Jenny or myself sounds like "her", and no one else was with us. One of the reasons this is our favorite EVP, is that we discovered something rather important that day. We think that we found it because she told us to watch for it, even though we didn't hear her until we got home and viewed the tape. Unfortunetly, I can not disclose what we discovered until it is investigated further. To listen to her tell us to watch, click the following link ...

Female saying "Watch"

The next clip is one of my favorite EVP's. My niece and I went out to Everett Bridge on a spur of the moment "hunting trip". The river bed below was low enough for us to walk under the bridge, the air was still and the water was clear. It was a beautiful place. We stood under the bridge discussing how peacefull it was, and how the water flowed lazily over the rocks. On the tape you can hear us talking about the flow of the water and then a voice comes out of nowhere and seems to be saying "Daddy..." She says a bit more but we can not tell what it is. Listen for yourself and let me know what you think!

Little Girl saying "Daddy..."

This EVP is erie for me to hear. Reason being, I was with my niece and her friend on a day trip to beaver marsh. We were walking along the boardwalk that spanned across the marsh, when I made the observation that the water was starting to frost over. At this point on the tape you can hear a voice saying something.. I believe it is saying "I'm Shannon..." Listen and let me know what you think. I cut the clip to save space, but it was not altered in any way. Click below to listen...

voice saying "Im Shannon..."

More EVPs Comming Soon !